This is me but my hair is longer now.

I'm an independent media artist with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of formats & mediums. I shoot, I direct, I edit, I dabble in VFX and motion graphics, and I occasionally make music. Being a musician myself gives me something of an advantage when it comes to shooting/cutting music videos and high energy commercial content. 
I've directed/shot/edited/produced over 100 short films, commercials,  & promotional shorts including a music video that premiered on MTV2 & an album release promo doc for a multi-platinum Grammy nominated music group. 
I've also done professional work as a graphic designer, web content developer, layout designer, photographer, and short order cook. 
Thanks for looking and if you like my work please feel free to contact me!
UA College of Arts & Sciences "Bama Bound" - Incoming orientation videos - Director/Camera Op/Editor
Bama on Broadway 2017 - Short Doc/Promo - Director/Camera Op/Editor
L.I.T. - Be Alone - Music Video - Director/Camera Op
UA G.R.E.X Graduate Expo - Grad School Promo - Director/Camera Op/Editor

Hobson City Voice  - Short Doc - Director/Camera Op/Editor
L.I.T. - "Back to the Basics" & "Lituation"  - Music Videos - Director/Camera Op/Editor

Olde E - USC Grad Film - Trailer Editor

Sassy Batman - Season 1 (4 Episodes) – L.A. based original comedy web series – Editor
Roses for Penelope – Univ. of Southern California student short film – RED 4K workflow – Finishing Editor
Chaotic Theory  “Liar” - Music Video - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor
Black Man Depressed – Episode 8 – Comedy web series - Editor

The United Colors of Amani - Season 1 (6 Episodes) Original comedy series - Editor/Titler
Kevin McCall: Anticipation - Artist Promo – Editor
Bama on Broadway  - U of AL Short Promo Doc - Director/Camera Op/Editor
Bama Bound 2013 - U of AL Student Orientation Video - Director/Camera Op/Editor
Riverwalk Condos/Riverwalk Retail  - Freelance Commercial Production - Director/1st Camera Op/Editor
Controversy & Big D “Put it Down” & “Remember”  - Music Videos - Director/DP/1st Camera Op/Editor
TeeJ ft. Kronik  “Like the Wind” - Music Video - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor

I.F. - Competition Short Film – Editor/VFX Artist & Consultant
Nominated for Best Drama, won the Wildcard Prize at Campus Moviefest
Lenovo: DO - Competition Film - Co-Director/DP/Editor/Composer
Never Down  - Competition Short Doc (3D production) - Editor
Hide - Student Short Film - Director/DP/1st Camera Op/Writer/Editor
The Other Side of Paradise - Short Film - DP/Camera Op
AKA: Welcome to the Mafia -  Sorority Promo - DP/Camera Op/ Editor
Controversy & Big D “Must Be the Man” - Music Video - Director/DP/1st Camera Op/Editor
Gifted “Superstar” Music Video: Behind the Scenes -  Short Doc - Director/Camera Op
My Super Sweet 22/Exposed: Diva Edition/Welcome to House D   -  Sorority Promo - Editor

Goodnight, Mrs. Malaprop  - Original TV Pilot – Camera Op
Month long Univ. of Alabama course study in producing a TV pilot under Seinfeld director Tom Cherones 
The Carvening - Original Short Film - Writer/Editor/Composer/Actor
Screened at the 2013 Black Warrior Film Festival
Broken Reality - Short Doc Contest Entry- Editor
Featured in a front page write up at 
He Buries My Mistakes - Student Short Film - DP/Camera Op/Editor
AKA Probate 2011 - Sorority promo video - Editor
The Paul R. Jones Gallery - Short Doc - Editor
Sky Diggs “Practice Forever” - Poetry Artist Promo - Recordist/Boom Op/Editor
Drama “Tupac” - Music Video - Editor
Drama “Work” - Music Video - Editor
Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh: Episode:LouisaBama Gumbo Bowl at UA – Grip/Boom Op/Cam Op
- Intramural Sports Promo - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor
UREC Aquatic Center Gym Instructional Series ‐ 21 Videos - Director/Camera Op/Editor
UA Lacrosse - Intramural Sports Promo - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor
Champion Sports Medicine - Commercial - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor
UA Outdoor Rec Info Videos - Kayak Rescue, Setting Up A Tent, The Belay Process - Director/DP/Camera Op/Editor

JC Morgan Art Gallery Promo ‐ Freelance commercial production - Director/Camera Op/Editor
C. King Charity Benefit Auctions Promo ‐ Freelance commercial production - Director/Camera Op/Editor
Chaotic Theory “Paranotica” - Music Video ‐ Director/Camera Op/Editor

Chaotic Theory “For the Kill” - Music Video ‐ Director/Camera Op/Editor

Dead Child “Sweet Chariot” - Music Video ‐ Director/Camera Op/Editor
World premiere on MTV2 on Headbanger’s Ball
Nappy Roots “Humdinger” - Album Release Promo ‐ Director/ 1st Camera Op/Editor
"How It's Made" Science Channel TV Ep. "Banjo Rims" - Grip/A.C.

Gibson Guitars “Hot Rod Guitar Show” Promo ‐ Director/ 1st Camera Op/Editor
Screened at the Gibson Guitar Corporation’s annual shareholder’s meeting
Sullivan Banjos “Old Growth Banjos” Promo ‐ Director/ 1st Camera Op/Editor

Tella – “Ridin’ & Leanin” - Music Video ‐ Director/Camera Op/Editor

2012: Cyborg Apocalypse ‐ Short Film - Director/Camera Op/Editor/Writer/Composer
Screened at DVXFest film festival 
2:35 A.M. ‐ Short Film - Director/Camera Op/Editor/Writer/Composer
 Screened at DVXFest film festival 
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